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The knot of the world

that connects value

A place to connect the world and get value


About Khmer NX

01_ World’s Highest Security Exchange

The dual control of COLD wallets provides unprecedented security. Rather than simply depositing coins
in the wallet itself, coins can be stored safely by depositing coins in a Khmer NX rather than simply
depositing coins in the wallet itself.

Store only numbers and
protect with multiple firewalls.

Independent information

→ Even if security can be
breached, it is impossible to
reach the coin information
wallet because only numeric
information can be stolen.

02_ CryMix ( Own value exchange engine )

The company developed it’ s own core engine to realize the world’ s highest-class
high-speed cash exchange system and the most powerful and flexible value
exchange system.

If it is also provided to other exchanges and CryMix engines are used, it is described
as Powered by CryMix.

03_ Khmer NX

  • Prevent money transfer errors with the nickname system.
  • The nickname is displayed when the receiving address of the Wallet remittance partner is input.As a
    result, a money transfer error can be prevented.

  • Harf the commission if you have a certain amount of WOWcoin, which is theKhmer NX’ s
    key currency.
  • Amazing speed

    Remittance is completed at the highest speed of 0.037 seconds.


Coin Listing


It is also called the core currency of the new era, and it is the fastest settlement
currency corresponding to the settlement of the world.Payment features using
smart contracts can be implemented and the legal currency in P2P, and
exchange value with the cryptographic currency.


A blockchain connected. It connects with space, energy, all applications, the
Internet, and its own blockchain. IoT charge control, collaboration with
contactless charge technologies, spread-spectrum, and flexible-c ore designs
wewe realized.


The aim is to improve the soundness of the dog-and-cat industry by solving the
culling problem and the illegal transaction ploblem in the dog-and-cat
industry by the blockchain technology.


Chipping wireless power feeders that can be moved or moved. A blockchain
that is used when wooden chips made by liquefying and solidifrying trees
are multiplied by two technologies:wireless power supply and wooden chips.


I make my dream crazy in space. Space business × blockchain, including space
industry platforms, space-based business assistance, and pet space scattering.


The settlement currency is used for settlement purposes. It is used as the base
currency and traded through the PBTC. 2009 It has started from the year, and it
can be said that it is the origin of the block chain.


Smart contracts (a function of automatically executing and storing contracts
made in transactions) are used. A major feature of this system is the ability
to execute contracts automatically without the intervention of a central


A value exchange platform using a leisure system. It works with banks around
the world to transform international remittances. Enables value to move in the
same way that information can move instantaneously, and aims to realize the
“Internet of Value.”


Ripples are designed to target financial institutions and global enterprises,
while Stella is designed to be used by individuals and can be used for
remittances to overseas friends and shopping at overseas sites.


In contrast to the value exchange of ripples, Ribra exchanges “value and above
value”. As a result, the original concept of ripple is inherited. This proprietary
system realized coins that continued to grow in value.


A unique chain of blocks using PoS.It aims to implement smart contracts. It is
also famous as a successful example in the ICO.


A project launched with the aim of creating a new economic zone. The
consensus algorithm employs PoI (Proof of Importance), and the remuneration
is distributed according to the degree of contribution of the user.



KYC Notes

About Character Input

  • Be sure to input in English.
  • *When using Chrome on android mobile phone,
    be careful as Japanese may be automatically translated and displayed.
    Ignore Japanese and enter English.

About Images Notes

  • Be sure to input the same as the address confirmation document.
  • ※ If you have an apartment name etc, be sure to put in.

  • Four sides and four corners can not be broken and can be perfectly confirmed.
  • Pictures, characters can be confirmed vividly.
  • Other things such as light, shadows and fingers are not reflected.
  • Not processed.
  • The ID is within the validity period.
  • Name, address, date of birth are the same as input contents.

Driver’s license :Submit two images of front and back.



Driver’s license :Submit two images of face photo page and address page.

  • It is a two-page spread.
  • The address is stated on the address page.
  • If there is no mention of the address, attach a confirmation of address, such as postal items of utility fee.

Face photo page (double-page spread)

Address page


The photo is partly cut off

Out of focus

Too dark

Too small

Light reflection


Hold by your fingers








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